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What is Order-Easy?

We know you love your business. What started out as a great idea has now become very real and you just don’t know how to manage everything by yourself anymore... Did you forget to follow up on that important deal, and are you sure your supplier has the stock available? How about finding time, to order the stock, receiving it, invoicing it out and still making time to make sure that you are on target for the month. Let’s face it, you are just too BUSY.

Order Easy has the answer you’ve been waiting for. Order easy, gives you a birds eye view of your business. It knows exactly, who is doing what, where, and when.

It allows you to create beautiful proposals and quotations,it follows up for you, and reminds you when you to perform certain tasks when thing get too busy. It will even order in the stock, reserve it for you, and let you know when it’s ready to be despatched, so no more depending on other people to make sure that you can deliver on time.


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For your business

Customisable Work flows

Manage Targets & Commissions

Receive & Reserve Stock for Placed Orders

Automate Quotes, Invoices & Purchase Orders

Dashboard & Reports